Written by my Neurodivergent Autistic PDA'er ADHD parent the day before their divorce 1982

A New Life Awaits me if I am willing...

to walk a path which is uniquely mine,

believing in my worth and value to my world,

no matter how insignificant I may appear,


to abandon the familiar past with remembrance

and respect for its lessons,

and its part in creating me as I am today,

to learn from others with humility, 

that I may be freed from the limitations of Self,

and inherit the limitlessness of my fellow human beings,


to be patient with Time,

and to value the beauty of its nature, 

believing that this moment is perfect and precious, 

and has something to give me, if I am willing to accept it,


to undertake with courage the challenge which confronts me, 

especially when the present moment seem insurmountable,


to gather unto myself the beautiful Gifts Of Life

which indwell my spirit in the memories of those I have loved,

and those who have loved me,


to enjoy the delights of laughter,

allowing it’s healing and

refreshing melodies to comfort and nurture my soul,

to endure the anguish of sorrow

and allow its pain to carve within my most tender and sensitive self,

a place where new love can be,

and, when the time is right, healing will come

to love and be loved and to remain committed to this

Supreme Function of Life,

even in the face of temptation to abandon it,

when it’s pain threatens to overwhelm me, 

or when its nature undergoes changes I do not understand,

to give to my world a unique expression of Love as it merges with my True Self

and flows through me in thoughts, and words, and actions,


to entrust the deepest concerns of my life into the care of a Supreme Reality,

believing such to be worthy of my trust,

my devotion, and my loyalty


to begin my journey now, by allowing the Winds of Life,

to fill my Sails of Faith, and carry my Ship of Belief

toward a wondrous and unimaginable Destiny which lies before me


R. G. Wheeler