We reclaim and protect our

Autistic and Neurodivergent Identity and Culture

– our Flow –

the natural way we 

love, play, learn, work, live and heal.

We thrive from being authentic, knowing

and respecting our diverse neurologies. 

We challenge the way we were raised,

how family, friends, professionals or service practices

expect us to think, feel and be.

We do not want unsolicited advice or suggestions,

or expected to take on other cultures as our own

We are all individual.

We do, however, invite genuine inquiry to seek

understanding, respectful listening  

to embrace who we are, 

not confusing our neurology with psychology

or projecting non-autistic and neurodivergent

understanding of who we are




We love, trust, revel and lead with our

beautiful autistic minds & hearts, identities and cultures.  


We strengthen another’s inner–connection,

our good sense of self,

autonomy, self-actualisation and self-determination

through embracing one’s neurology.  


We learn how to KNOW, DIRECT and MASTER

our individualised autistic

way of being, loving, learning & living.  


We place safety, self–care & well-being first;

listening and trusting ourselves

creating a healthy relationship with ourselves, 

in order to choose the right relationships, 

social groups & environments for us.  


We respect and revel in our neurodivergence

Our "brilliant intuitive guide" is designed

to nurture, respect and protect

our innate Neurodivergent Flow

who we are


whom we are born to be

Trusting our intuition leads to 

greater fulfilment and happiness

Accept our limitations, know our diverse needs

and love what we love

Turn our attention toward knowing and

mastering our dynamic areas of interest

Refrain from others expectations that

might exceed and cripple our capabilities

Let go of accommodating others demands

and practice self-care

Embrace radical self-acceptance and 

neurological makeup

We are individuals – living differently

and we're proud of it

Know our gifts, love our strengths

and nurture them wholeheartedly



​We acknowledge our LBGTQIA Neurodivergent Autistic humans.


We use identity-first language, "I am autistic", opposed to "I'm a person with autism", reflecting Autism at the core of our identity, that Autism is a Spectrum, a part of neurodivergence and not a disorder. We radically embrace and celebrate neurodivergence.


Authoritarian and conforming learning and approaches such as ABA or Applied Behaviour Analysis, treatment or cures, ableism or functioning labels are harmful to both FAN and their beloved's neurodivergent neurobiologies.




ROARHEART™ makes no recommendations nor has any opinions about or is responsible for the content or deficit language of neurodivergence on sites and links that are external to ROARHEART™. The language that describes neurodivergent neurologies and life experiences as disordered, defective or that to be "fixed, changed and cured" is offensive and harmful to FAN and their child.

It is strongly recommended that medical, psychiatric and other therapeutic advice or treatment can only be given by suitably trained and accredited professionals. ROARHEART™ is not a substitute either inferred or directly to replace any form of treatment participants are currently engaged in. We further suggest that prior to making any changes to current treatment participants discuss this with the practitioner that prescribed the treatment or at least get a second opinion from a suitably qualified and accredited clinician. We cannot do this we are not qualified.

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