Our Neurodivergence.


Our minds, hearts and bodies process and express information differently.


These are our Co-operative members and those of us with children, collective examples of Neurodivergence


  • Anxiety (275 million+ worldwide)

  • Depression (280 million w/w)

  • One-off or ongoing psychological distress (trauma) caused by; discrimination, neglect, emotional, sexual, religious/spiritual, financial, coercive control, and physical violation.

  • Inquired brain injury; affixation at birth, head trauma, use of certain drugs

  • Suicidal or homicidal ideations

  • Sensory differences in hearing (auditory), seeing (visual), touch (tactile), balance (vestibular) and where our bodies sense our movement, action and location (proprioception)

  • Autism, PDA, ADHD, OCD (Contamination, Body Mismorphia, Eating, Responsibility, Harm, Retroactive, Abandonment, Thanatophobia), Tourettes (coprolalia), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy, Misophonia, Agnosia etc