Our ND Trauma informs us
to inform us to protect ourselves and be free from violations


Our ND Trauma informs us to Transform us to radically love & look after our Neurodivergence, our Neurodisabilities as;

Autistic, PDA'er, ADHD'er, OCD'er, Touretter & all other diverse expressions.

65% of people with disability experience violence after
the age of 15.

Neurodivergent Trauma is our trauma experienced as Neurodivergent humans.


Trauma is distress caused by harm where we did not or felt we did not have a choice. Our healing can be vastly different to Non-Neurodivergent humans and to one another ND's.


Growing up as unidentified ND humans, viewed and treated as non ND/disability humans (ablism) disconnecting us from our true identities, culture and flow. Our experience, from birth, each minute, hour, day, month turns into years of constant threat to our stress response systems triggering fight, flight, flock, fawn and freeze. A deep distress, dysregulating our minds, hearts and bodies experienced and expressed as shutdown, anxiety, overwhelm, panic, terror, catastrophising, internal & external meltdowns, altering our minds, our natural flow, known as trauma. 

Our ND Trauma informs us to Transform us to place our safety, securityhealth, well-being and joy at the heart of everything we do.

We Pre-empt, Prepare and Protect ourselves from all forms of violations where we can experience from friends, family, professionals, service providers, learning and medical institutions.


We heal through listening carefully to our Individual Neurodivergent knowledge within guiding us to place our safety, health, well-being and joy first in all that we do.


One in two children
one in two adults when they grow up

Types of violations which include: coercive control, emotional, psychological, verbal, physical, sexual, spiritual, cultural, social, financial, neglect, substance violence and all experiences of inequalities such as ableism.


Children with disabilities are 3.7 times more likely than non-disability children to be targeted or exposed to any violence.

Our ROARHEART team have all experienced violence as children, teenagers, young adults and adults.


We know as Neurodivergent humans how scary, complex and painful these experiences are and the inner work required to heal, finding ways to be safe, secure, healthy and well reconnecting to our innate pursuits and joy.