It's so easy for my brain to get caught and tangled up, affected by others, for extended periods of time.

My superfocus loves to solve things and can latch onto whatever is disturbing me in an effort to solve the 'problem'. My superfocus is a key element for my Innate Flow however it can work against me if I don't understand how to nurture, respect or protect it.

The 'problem' distracts and disconnects my Innate Flow: my energy, motivation and imagination with my child, play, working projects and home. 


Temporarily blocked and valuable time seemingly lost.

My superfocus doesn't understand, some problems require time and deep reflection, especially if they are complicated and layered, not always accompanied by a simple answer.


Some answers that will not come with thinking forces.

Switching my superfocus away from trying to solve a problem back to my Innate Flow can be quite tricky.

To return and reconnect to my Innate Flow, even just a little bit,

to break the looped thinking

I have ONE THING that can quickly and quietly shift

my inner storm and distraction. 


A storm that my  Interoception  intelligence may require time

to work out at a later time.

In the meantime, when everything is just

'TOO MUCH', or when times are tough and I don't have a lot of time, when in the heat of the moment, about to burst, bawl bash

or say something, I shouldn't, I pause and instead,

I say



I say THANK YOU as many times I need to myself in my own mind to whomever, whatever, whichever is crushing or pushing me over the edge,

I say


Saying THANK YOU quickly informs my mind I will learn something valuable from the experience when I do work through it.


Saying THANK YOU shifts and reduces my big thoughts and feelings to produce less negative destructive reactions.


As for being a neurodivergent human when I'm affected by others or by an upset it can trigger my threat responses Fight Fright Freeze and Fawn, creating internalised pressures triggering my

PDA, OCD brain and derail my autistic ADHD neurology.


When they get going together, the pressures multiply, consuming and overwhelm in my whole body.

When I practice THANK YOU I'm always grateful later on when the storm within passes and have a more settled brain and time to work out what is truly upsetting me. When I know what is actually the root cause of my upsets I can work out what action I can take, if any, to better care of myself and my child.

Saying one simple thing like, THANK YOU reminds my brain understandings and solutions are waiting on the horizon.


All will be okay.

Thank you, Zanderrs, for your inspiration to say thank you!



​We acknowledge our LBGTQIA Neurodivergent Autistic humans.


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