• an anonymous roarheart



When things get messy,

It's okay to take time out.

A breather.

To sit with,

To process,

To see how time,

Can lighten,



In my mind,

That are tangled,

Or being strangled,

By fear,

Over responsibility,

Over reaction,

That perhaps,

I've taken too personally,

Because it's another's issue,

Or my own,

I've over looked,

Wisdom is always with me.

Usually underneath a mess.

My own inner wall.

Time can give rise,

To the inner truth,

A calm.

A knowing.

And a new direction.

And this can take me,

A moment,

A few days and sometimes,


But I always know when,

I've heard,

The inner wisdom of,

My "Brilliant Intuitive Guide",

Because I'm taken to a place,

Where I feel okay,

With who I am.

No competition.

No fight.

Or pretending.

A quiet freedom.

That moves me forward.

Opens my mind.

And heart.

I find so worth waiting,

And working for.


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