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Pressure and I do not mix well.

There are a few reasons for this.

One is I identify with a PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) autistic brain.

It’s a brain that has no defence how it receives real or perceived demands and it panics, like an anxiety attack.

I am my child – they too are PDA Autistic.

Demands that internalise as pressures from others (suggestions, requests, advice, offers of assistance or ignoring our ‘no’) don’t go down well for us.

All of my boundaries are with the loving intention to take care of my child and myself, and our neurologies and never to cause others harm.

We are not able to rely upon or put our well-being on hold or wait for those who are only AWARE of our autism, to get on board with ACCEPTING our autism.

When others and I are not able to respect the decisions we make to look after my child and I, we are only AWARE of our autism.

When we pressure ourselves to be ‘normal’ or do what others want us to do, that perhaps we should make the same choices as our non-autistic folk, that is only AWARENESS.


It starts with my child and I.

We can step away, reduce or take others engagement light heartedly (as they do not understand what we are learning about our diverse neurology) who are only AWARE - still expecting us not to be autistic.

That's the compassionate choice to make.


"The most compassionate people ... are also the most boundaried"

- Brene`Brown.

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