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Updated: May 1, 2019

Because our brains and bodies overload very quickly for a multitude of reasons; sounds, smells, touch, movement, people, our own super focus', demands, pressures etc, my child and I are required to know our needs and look after them.

With loads of solitude, and choose relationships with others who respect our choices.

Free of demands or expectations.

Free of gossip, backstabbing, mind games and other silly stuff (I used to do) as these are time wasters that cause humans like myself unnecessary stress from unnecessary pressures.

I can't thrive in others untreated self love despite how much I love them.

I identify with Relationship and Responsibility OCD and tricky humans do my head in ... literally!

They can consume me.

So I am to make tough choices with humans sometimes. It is not nature to step away, however when beautiful humans add to my already tricky mind it's no good for me.

And what is not good for me is not good for my child.

My child will cop whatever I don't deal with as much as I cop what others don't deal with if I hang around longer than my neurology can take.

When I choose courage over being liked and loved by others my child and I thrive.

We take care of ourselves.

That's always our responsibility!

Thriving is also our responsibility too!


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