I still don't have time to write this!

Okay. Okay. Just quickly. This is so annoying because as I was editing my book and reading as I go along and I thought "My child's other parent thrives on acknowledgment". But so do I. What about all the things I'm doing. Don't I get to be acknowledged? What about me? Won't they take me for granted more than I already feel they are? Why do I have to lead here? This has got to be bad right?"

I thought 'maybe my child's other parent didn't feel acknowledged as a kid.

Maybe they were overlooked?'

Me: So what? So was I! Do I get high fives for doing simple little things? NO I DON'T! So why should I do this!!Then I thought about how I've been practicing saying THANK YOU to all the negative thoughts I have and that perhaps this is the next natural step despite my slight mental resistance!


Maybe my child's other parent will do more if they feel its worth their effort. If I praise them more. AARRGHH! This is not what I want to be doing. However I know thanking all my negative thoughts is what created my mind to open in order to have such a large insight that I've experienced peace and joy since.

So imagine what might happen if I do this?

Maybe nothing will happen other than being a kind human which is always a great thing. Maybe it might backfire but surely it can't be worse than what I'm going through without being grateful. I stepped away from the computer and walked into the house and knelt down beside them. They were laying down (of course!) watching a movie with our child. They were taken aback. I know … I don't normally do this … go so close to them.

I whispered (not sure why) "Thank you."

The other parent: "Go away". So I did.

That went well! Hahahahahahahaha!

That's their humour. I get it. They understood what I was saying thank you for. I guess, even though we are no longer together, that's what we created by knowing one another for so long.

That's only one thank you.

All I need to do now is to continue it. That'll be a breeze. NOT! Who comes up with these great ideas anyway? Oh yeah. Sorry. I'm meant to say Thank you!

Thank you.

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