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July 30, 2018



Fascinating discoveries were found when I stopped fixing my child's diverse neurology [autism].


My child is a genuinely gorgeous human that I fall in love with more and more as each day passes. I am so so grateful for my child being in my life, and I tell them it is because of them that I am coming to love, adore and appreciate WHO I AM.


I tell my child it is because of WHO THEY ARE that I've found the happiness I've never known. 


It’s because of WHO MY CHILD IS that I’ve been stripped of many many things that I depended upon for what I thought would bring happiness. I was brought to my knees to surrender my deepest fears to embrace my child wholeheartedly. 


My child is an autodidact, meaning they lead and I follow. 


My child leads me to respect and honour everyone’s neurodivergence. My child helps me SEE all the things that are good for both of us and to get RID of anything that threatens to stop us from SEEING OURSELVES FOR WHO WE REALLY ARE - MAGNIFICENT.


Our neurology is magnificent.


My child shows me love is to sacrifice; to sacrifice self-rejection to be free, to be whole and at peace with all my imperfections, flaws, difficulties and challenges. My child has shown me to be INTUNE with myself and continues to show me how. I sing, laugh, create, dance, joke around and love deeply because of WHO MY CHILD IS. My child is someone who has shown me how to love. When I chose my child’s name, I read somewhere that it meant TO LEAD.


I had no idea it would mean my child would LEAD ME BACK TO ME.


The weird thing is this; I thought I was already connected with myself before my child came along. But I was mistaken – LOL. It feels soooo good for both of us to feel true inner goodness after soooo much inner torment and pain that we’ve endured and continue to heal day by day.  My amends to my child is to nurture them and myself to protect and love our neurological magnificence. For my child to stay connected to their neurodiverse magnificence; 


I must wholeheartedly and lovingly EMBRACE MY OWN.



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August 15, 2019

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