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June 13, 2019

Know our autistic Demand Avoidant strengths!


In our Autistic Culture, our nature is to see the best in others, their strengths, abilities and best qualities. We understand that everyone is valuable. When we think of ours, or another's autism, we first think of our beautiful minds attributes. 


Our natural characteristics listed below are nurtured, celebrated, enjoyed, and strengthened.  


They are at the forefront and the foundations of my child's learning and future way of living. Our beautiful autodidact autistic minds drive us to know, investigate, research, study, analyse and master our expertise, skills or subjects. We have a powerfully determined innate study skill.


Specific subjects and outcomes come as a result of our autodidactic self-directed learning nature. 


We have an innate ability to recognise other autistics, identifying and relating to the list below, which we understand vary for each autistic individual.

Autodidacticism is natural to my child and I like the emu is to the Australian bushland.




Natural study skill 

Desire to know

Research and mastery

Self-motivated for purpose

Autonomous in nature



Black and offbeat

Creatively witty


Acting : 

Great at mimicking and others mannerisms

Brilliant acting of roles and characters



Not restricted by social norms we're free to be innovative

Incredible imagination

Creates many ideas



Senses others energies

Feels intentions of others

Seeing beyond what is


Problem Solvers: 

We love solving things!

Desire to help 

Want to make things better

Deep Thinkers:  

Look for the things others won't or can't find

Thirsty for information

Search for answers and understanding


Web Thinkers: 

Finding things that appear random that have a connection

Collecting and gathering all information

Brings the bigger picture and all details all together


Eye for Detail: 

Always looking for patterns and detail others miss

Meticulous and precise



Strong Centre of Attention: 

Great fulfilment in our work

Intense concentration and focus

Determined, unwavering commitment to a task


Examination Skills: 

Constant observation, listening approach to learning

Fact and figures finding

Truth seeking


Immerses in interests: 

Encodes, stores and retrieves large amounts of information

High ability to remember and recollect

Studying comes naturally


Spatial learners: 

Appreciation of graphics, diagrams, maps, graphs

Absorbs visual information


Seeks research and information

Deep knowledge

High level of skills and mastery


Pragmatic approach: 


Sees patterns, repetition

Connect similarities


Unique View: 

Outside the box thinking

Innovative solutions


Self-Determined, motivated

Challenge opinions and social norms


Accepting of Others: 

Everyone is equal

Questions for understanding



Values honesty 

Speaks frankly

Steadfast loyalty to a fault


Strong autonomy

Seeks independence of choice

Autodidact nature


Purposeful Communication: 

Seek connection first

Meaningful and real

Solution finders

Seeks Connection: 

Authentic and purposeful

Prefers real interactions






Our children are seen and listened to. We welcome them to be with us, join us in conversing and lead the direction of our discussions. We open one another's minds, stretching our interests or understandings and view of the world and those around us.


We are a part of their conversations, exploration and questions. We assist them without over-riding their wonder, imaginations or personally created and chosen projects. It is never too early or too late or too inconvenient to learn, to know more or experiment. We are free from constraint of time or others ideas of what is important. To us whatever interests us or finds our curiosity is important. Our children require us to be present and excited about all possible real life and natural learning opportunities that are available to us all day.








Whether I accept this or not, or have a diagnosis or not,

it is still true for me/my child, 

that I relate and identify with our beautiful autistic minds

natural characteristics.





To love, trust, revel and lead with our beautiful autistic minds through knowing and acting on our Roarheart

the inner inexplainable knowledge and truth


~ our intuition ~



Reflect and create a picture or journal the answer to; 


Have I thought, felt, done or experienced things like this?



Share with another anything discovered in the Sacred Writing/Creating.


From the list of strengths above, what do I believe mine are?


I pause with quiet reflection upon our beautiful autistic minds and the strengths we possess.


I am willing to THANK all my angry, fearful and negative thoughts I have had.


I will trust, even if I don’t want to, all is how it is has meant to be for me to be open to something new.


I am willing to put aside everything I think I know about myself/child, my life, my past and my future, to have an open mind and a new experience of knowing and nurturing our powerfully determined autodidact selves.


I am open to the possibility of knowing mine/my child's and others beautiful minds and strengths, receiving new thoughts to love, trust, revel and lead with our Roarheart [our inexplainable inner knowledge and truth – our intuition] learning how to know, direct and master our individualised lives.






Self-directed learning:





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August 15, 2019

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