My brilliant and beautiful autistic friends and Carers of incredible autistic children have walked away from their appointments with professionals deeply distressed.

I shared this today with my beautiful doctor and we talked about how crucial it is for professionals to truly listen to the parent who is sharing with their medical practitioner.

What my doctor had to say was validating.

I explained that we are used to not being heard and doubt ourselves and develop a tolerance for this.

As we don't know that there are professionals who truly listen and validate our experiences and walk away healed, inspired and hope rather than a greater disconnection from ourselves.

A corroding thread to disconnect ourselves from our children.

We require medical professionals who assist our autistic connection with our children and ourselves.

I am so blessed to have found our needle in the haystack.

And those needle in the haystacks are closing their books because they are inundated by those of us who seek to find a professional who listens and respects us.

Professionals who hear us and our children are a game-changer in our journey to reconnecting and creating our Individual Autistic Culture