*Trigger Warning: Suicide

Visit and read the signs of Educational trauma, such as 'school refusal', in our story at the FAN&GRAN ART EXHIBITION how my child and I became suicidal, what saved us and how it was the catalyst to reclaim our Neurodivergent Innate Flow, Identities and Culture.

"Research into the causes of school refusal has generated a wide variety of results. It is perhaps no surprise that school personnel most commonly attribute the cause to the parents or the family situation or to some genetic problem within the child, while parents and the children themselves most commonly attribute it to things that are happening at school (e.g. Ingul et al, 2019)."

In our country, there are fantastic learning CHOICES available for children before, during and after kindergarten, such as; autodidactic learning, natural or home learning or part-time or casual schooling.

Although a ridiculously and painful INVISIBLE and discombobulating path to exit school, provide the means without educational & disability finance, support or training to accommodate my traumatised PDA Autistic Child learning needs and what they as an individual require to thrive.

Natural learning options provide safe, healthy, thriving and accommodating approaches and environments for children to play and love mastering their life long study skills.

"In contrast, parents and the school-refusing children most commonly attribute it to such causes as lack of teacher support, bullying by teachers or students, being treated unfairly, not being believed, lack of freedom to move around; or to the stress and tedium of the constant testing and assigned work."

It's funny how not ONE professional that crossed our path spoke to us about or encouraged these learning options - like it's some dirty secret.

"Psychologists involved in these discussions often acknowledge that all of these can be contributing causes, but their work in trying to "cure" the condition almost always focuses on the child and the family, not the school."

Why on earth would PROFESSIONALS keep these learning options a secret when my neurodivergent child is thriving WITHOUT the education institution where they are back into their INNATE FLOW with how they love, learn, work and live!

"Treatments for school refusal run the whole gamut of typical psychological and pharmacological therapies. The most common treatment seems to be cognitive behavior therapy, which attempts to get the child to think differently about school and to desensitise the child to those aspects of school that provoke fear, but drugs to reduce anxiety are also commonly used (e.g. Elliott & Place, 2019). Another approach, centered on the idea that this is a family problem, involves family therapy."

We chose living over 'education', not fixing, changing or curing ourselves to tolerate and endure further educational trauma at the risk of dying.

And now there's real hope once again that we will exceed our autistic life expectancy of only 34-54 years!

After, of course, we first embarked the hard and harrowing road to recovery; learning SECURITY AND SAFETY had to be the forefront of our way of life to REHABILITATE after complex and sustained Educational Trauma.

Which pissed off most people in our lives – where we were further traumatised to heal educational trauma.

We learnt to listen, trust, love and respect ourselves before others. We're the experts of who we are and how we know, direct and master our lives.

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