Connection with sound, rhythm and music was my child's thing every day which was all but lost after I pushed my child into school. Three years was all it took to kill their magic for music, nearly ourselves and instil deep-seated trauma which we are still recovering from today.

My child's trauma and autodidactic neurology guided us away from the dominating, overruling (adult knows best and everything) approach to learning and toward my child mastering their study skill through leading their learning about the things THEY are curious and passionate about.

Finding someone (after taking my child out of the education system) who can come to our home and connect with a traumatised autodidactic learner like my child had been unsuccessful until this year.

This incredible human, jams with my child, together creating their own sound, without any traditional approach. As trust grows respecting my child's lead we slowly witness my child tapping into their inner musical presence and gift.

Together these two souls have a language through music that fills the house and their beings with effervescent energy, joy and magic. My child creates brilliantly when I'm out of their way.

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