The world gets very loud.

My thoughts do too.

So much going on.

It's easy to be whisked up in it.

Without much consideration.

A big gap builds between.

Where I am and where my heart is.

I can quickly connect.

No big life change or decisions required.

Just a pause.

So I practice Dadirri.

"Dadirri is inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness.

Dadirri recognises the deep spring that is inside us.

We can call on it...and it calls us.

This is the gift that Australia is thirsting for.

It is something like what you call contemplation.

When I experience Dadirri, I am made whole again.

I can sit on the river bank or walk through the trees ...there is no need for words.

A big part of Dadirri is listening"

As a #24/7AutistcCarer, when I feel like exploading, because of my child's hours of struggle and demands or my own.

I force myself to walk away, to be followed by distraught footsteps, to pause - to call out (scream out) and for Dadirri to find me.

There is no bush.

I call out to the trees, river, rocks and dirt from the walls of my house.

Dadirri always takes me to a place of surrender.

If I can wait long enough.

More often while my child continues their distress.

I hear;

"No fight will win this battle".

"This 'battle' needs love".

Compassion wraps up my aching body with love for both my child and I.

"Let's start again with nothing".

At the wee hours in the morning.

Because all I have left in these moments.

Is nothing.

The sooner I can recognize this the better.

As I know, through years of experience, nothing else works.

And all my knowing also takes me to being whisked up in this super busy world addicted to Engagement.

Dadirri for me is to disengage from chaos to reconnect with love.

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