Living with others

I'm discovering wearing headphones in my home for:

Minutes, hours and days.

Where others are to leave me be.

And can communicate via none speaking ways;

Write, text or email

This REDUCES the CHAOS in my

Head. Body. Heart. Relationships. Work.

Wearing headphones regulate my:

Splattered, splintered, thoughts and feelings.

Headphones are my disability aid to reduce:

Noises and engagement from others.

All constant natural interruptions.

Where I can better be present,

And available to assisting,

My child and Service dog.

Which can be super tricky for my brain and emotions to process.

There's a lot to do.

A lot to manage and navigate.

Plus all other responsibilities of living.

I've found when I am not interrupted,

I can create and nurture,

An autonomous SPACE,

In my own home when living with others.

Headphones assist minds like mine to work more productively with:

Management and planning,

Memory and working memory (things to do), Creativity and innovation,

And regulate ALL of my millions of thoughts.

It might sound rude to shut out humans.

I've REALLY struggled with guilt around this.

Not being readily available as I once was.

Not speaking for hours or days to others in my home. (other than my child and dog or guests). However, when I don't take care of my Internal dysregulation

And reduce verbal engagement,

I am not taking my special needs seriously.

I'm trying to BE normal brained.

When I am not.

I am only AWARE I have special needs

And not ACCEPTING I do.

I have limits, genuine ones.

It's a loving and compassionate thing,

To take care of my complex neurology,

And the complexities of my life.

The fact is: wearing headphones.

My head thinks more:

Clearly. Creatively. Lovingly. Productively. Efficiently.

And my body is;

Calmer. Everything is better.

And so are my housemates.

They are more regulated and peace too!

A win win!

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