Others, including organisations and institutions expectations of what I should or shouldn't do or be are demands.

Whether they come from a good place or not they are still demands. Their demands. These are pressuring demands.

Judgments about my life, my child and how I do or don't do things, that I should be or do differently ... their differently ... are demands.

These are judgmental demands.

Whether others speak it or not ... I still feel it or see it in their energy or body language.

These are silent demands.

Most simply are not able to comprehend, nor do they ask, the amount of insurmountable demands that are already placed upon me.

These are invisible demands.

I've lived and tried keeping up with accommodating others demands on my time, energy, attention and presence and it truly messed with my neurology and my life. My child's life.

My autistic, PDA and ADHD brain and body was constantly cooked. I thought that was a normal way for me to live.

I don't think it was normal, as it drove my child and I to want to get off this planet - literally.

To live peaceful, joyful and fulfilling lives I stopped everything and everyone and started to listen and follow my child's lead to love, trust and revel in our autistic being.

I work on this every day ... letting go of others spoken or unspoken expectations of what they think we should or shouldn't be able to do.

This in itself is self care.

Self care is the key to our happy neurology. We practice self compassion when others will or cannot. We love who we are. We trust what our bodies and brains communicate to us and we let it lead.

We know our limits.

We know what we need to thrive and stay alive.

We know ourselves best.

Because we place self care and compassion first before what others think, do or say.

What we think and feel matters most to us.

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