My child and I can find it difficult to make decisions.

Big or small.

It's even harder if there is pressure of any sort.

Panic can set in. Good thinking can go out the window.

It is helpful to work things through with one another or someone else.

We can pause to connect with our feelings and thoughts.

We work towards letting go of what others think.

Or let go of our own self imposed expectations that far exceed our capabilities that might be causing unnecessary pressure/stress/panic in order to know our needs, wants, desires and choices.

We know ourselves and what our bodies need when we stop and listen.

We can always change our minds after making a decision because sometimes it is by making a decision we realise it is or isn't right for us.

Plus things, places or people can change and we allow room to adjust to those changes.

We can change our minds as many times as we need.

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