At the skatepark at 7am.

Back again at midday for 6 hours.

Up until 10pm programming.

Their body is full of happy.





They are now alive!

Once they were facing a death.

An inner dying.

Of who they were born to.


Mainstream learning.

Killed what was natural.

Their autodidactic being.

An inbuilt study skill.

It has returned!

After many years.

Of no school.

And following the unseen.

The unknown.

Learning is now abundant.

I had to put aside what society thinks.

What learning is.

What is valuable.

What it thinks children need for the future.

A slow awakening to see.

What my child sees as valuable.


I support my child to

Love Trust Revel and Lead,

In their brilliant neurological difference

And magnificence.

Some humans do differently.

As they are created to do different.

Like PDA Autistic children.

Who often disengage with school.

A common experience.

A painful one.

What works for non-autistics or autistics,

Doesn't work for PDA'S.

Most therapies or programs don't.

I know.

I am one.

Being told doesn't work.

Given sanctions doesn't either.

Force, domination.


When used.

It destroys us.

Who we are.

Our spirits.

Our joy.

Our right to shine.

We are not naughty.

Just because we are independent.

Or individuals.

Or challenge the status quo.

We are not undisciplined.

We genuingly struggle to do day-to-day things.

We are not rude.

We are anxiety driven.

To be in control.

To free ourselves from others.

Their pressures.

Their control.

Their interferences.

Their lack of inquiry.

Their lack of understanding of how we



And function.

Our brains are wired differently.

They work differently.

What makes us tick.

Is different.

We are motivated by different things.

In different ways.

To do differently.

My child has shown me another way.

The 'easy' old way, "Do what your told"

Isn't the way.

Not for us.

We require a greater intelligence.

New thoughts.

New approaches.

When my child is inspired.

I follow.

And because I do,

Our life is beautiful.

Because of YOU!

Thank you!

#Roarheart #FAN #FANsChild #Autistic #PDA

Photography by FAN's child

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​We acknowledge our indigenous and LBGTQ2IA+ Neurodivergent Autistic humans.


We use identity-first language, "I am autistic", as opposed to "I'm a person with autism", reflecting Autism at the core of our identity, that Autism is a Spectrum, a part of neurodivergence and not a disorder. We radically embrace and celebrate neurodivergence.


Authoritarian and conforming learning and approaches such as ABA or Applied Behaviour Analysis, treatment or cures, ableism or functioning labels are harmful to our neurodivergent neurobiologies.




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