Some days I can't wear jocks.

It can take up to an hour,

To FINALLY find the right clothes,

That doesn't make my,

Skin and body want to scream.

But most of my life,

I didn't know I had a,

Sensory Processing difficulty.

I'd wonder how the clothes,

I wore one day,

Felt so good and right,

Could feel the following day

Like they're scratching the shit,

Out of my skin?

Why do my comply jeans,

Feel like their strangling my hips.

Or the bra choking my chesty bits?

The t-shirt feels too loose,

And that top is too tight.

On and off they go.

It is piling upon my bed.

Which makes more work.

Later on instead.

Finding the right clothes,

That don't make me go insane,

Can take ages.

A mystery every day,

Which ones will work?

Oh, RELIEF when they do!

I often run late because of this.

Some days it's exhausting.

Especially if the weather,

Changes temperature during the day.

I've learnt to take multiple,

Changes of clothes and shoes,

With me wherever I go.

Just in case.

I can't think straight,

If something feels itchy,

Lose or tight on my skin.

Any weight gain,

Like a belly bloat,

Can tip my skin,

Over the edge,

I usually eat late in the day,

To process that tricky,

Food in the belly thing.

So I feel okay in my sensitive skin.

Just like my child.

Our skin chooses what we wear.


1. HYPERSENSITIVITY TO TOUCH (tactile defensiveness): refuses to wear new or stiff clothes, clothes with rough textures, turtlenecks, jeans, hats, or belts, etc.

distressed by seams in socks and may refuse to wear them.

distressed by clothes rubbing on skin; may want to wear shorts and short sleeves year round, toddlers may prefer to be naked and pull diapers and clothes off constantly".

- SPD Australia

Artwork: ink on paper

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