I just loved him.

A beautiful indigenous man.

A boxer in his day.

Before alcohol took it away.

A friend of both my folks.

Loved sharing his stories of those days.

Vastly different to his recovery ones.

Sober some years before passing away.

He'd say things like;

"You lie with dogs,

you'll get flees".


"If people don't like you the way are,

then they don't like you at all".

He'd rock up in his big brown car.

Smiles from ear to ear.

Come over with such caring cheer.

Wash my mums dishes.

To help get through her tougher days.

He'd take us kids to the shop.

For lollies and ice-cream.

We loved that.

We didn't have much.

Living in our commission home.

He'd yell out from the front;

"Take your time,

Just hurry up!"

He warmed our battling hearts.

He'd take me to church.

With my other friend.

Her dad was a boxer too.

We'd sit there for hours.

We'd do anything. 'Cos we just loved him.

Because he just loved us.

Just the way we were.

My heart always warms when I think of him.

Our hearts warm when we talk of him.

And the things he'd say and do.

He had that effect on my mum and dad too.

Love can travel from the earth.

And many years beyond.

That kind of love is the love to give.

Especially to children.

I never know which heart or family needs warming.

Because our certainly did.


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