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We transform our Roarheart's commotion, excitement or disturbance to connect with our Neurodivergent Identity, Culture and Flow. The natural way we love, play, learn, work, live, heal and express ourselves.

Our Neurodivergence is natural to us like kangaroos and platypus are to our country. Each of our minds, hearts and bodies are unique like the paths we walk. 


"We are all up to were we are up to on our journey of life".



ROARHEART is a Neurodivergent Trauma

self-healing platform created

by Neurodivergent humans :)



AKA Alexanderr Banks

Pronouns  |  He, Him, She, Her, Them, They or It

​ND  |  PDA'er, Austistic

Self-Identified aged 30 something

Finally, the day has come when I am sending you the little story about me for the website.


So here it goes;

A Queer kid who grew up in North of India and came to Australia 13 years ago. Like many others, I am so complex to describe myself briefly, but I will try. As a kid, I was confused yet confident, afraid yet courageous. My mother taught me never to give up, so here I am still hanging onto my dear life - to see that yellow brick road of enlightenment, joy and love.


Every day I struggle with my inner demons like many others. My fears stop me as my inner saboteur thinks that I am not good enough, I will never succeed, etc. But I believe that being vulnerable, being able to talk about everything, even the ones I am very ashamed of, will bring us together, and we are not at all different from each other. 


I know that I am not alone.


I know that there are so many others who feel the same way as me, so if we can heal each other by talking about things that matter, I think it is worth doing it.


They say if you have faith in a mustard seed, you can move mountains. A little belief goes a long way. I might not be this expressive every day, but I will keep trying with the little hope and faith I have.


Attraversiamo - Let’s Cross over x

Flower Arrangement 4



AKA Robyn

Pronouns  |  She, Her

ND  |  PDA'er, Autistic, ADHD'er, OCD'er

Self-Identified aged 60 something

Robinski was born with a deep love and brilliance for webbed thinking, monotropic pursuits, art, poetry, writing, storytelling and being funny!


Robinski has worked with neurodivergent humans for 40 years and divorced for the same amount of time [I'm pretty sure they wouldn't include this in their blurb! LOL] with a particular monotropic focus on living without regulating with the use of alcohol.

Well, yeah they are!

Robinski is so brilliant, they don't even know it. I find that's often the case for Neurodivergent humans :)


AKA Shazzle

Pronouns  |  Them, They

ND  |  PDA'er, Autistic, ADHD'er, OCD'er

Self-Identified aged 50 something


"I'm lucky to be alive."

I thinks I will ask Robinski to write this for Shazalinski. They'll do such a better job than me xx

The Hyper Focus_300dpi.jpg


Pronouns |  They, Them

ND |  Autistic, PDA'er, ADHD'er, OCD'er & Touretter

Self-Identified aged 40




In 1997 my Neurodivergent Trauma informed me to transform me to follow my joy and make it up as 

I go



In my early 20's, I found radical answers to my experiences of mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, anorexia–bulimia–overeating [Eating OCDs], addictions and destruction from family and relationship violence, self-hate, painful relationships, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, and struggles with day–to–day living.


All the while not knowing my Neurodivergence.


I felt a strong desire to share my journals with others so others like myself would know they are not alone and there was a way out of such pain and nurture our monotropic innate pursuits.


In my 30's I drafted these into a highly successful trauma self-help pilot book and program in 2010 for young people with the support of a Youth Service Provider for five years, ready to launch and roll out nationally with the guide of an international entrepreneur. 

Then suddenly, putting my work and business on hold, at the age of 40, I removed my beloved Autistic, PDA'er, ADHD'er, OCD'er, Touretter from education, immediately effectively becoming their 24/7 Responsive Neurodisability Caregiver.


I still am xx

Today, understanding the power of doing bits at a time – I typed new journals, a living document of our most harrowing life-changing experiences and the beauty of how our ND Trauma-Healing lead us to a most beautiful time of our lives.


We were meant to experience this Neurodivergent Flow from the moment of being born!!!!

I am incredibly and forever grateful I "listened deeply" to my Neurodivergent Trauma always speaking to me to heal me.


I felt a calling at such a young age, to radically love and look after myself and to later do the same for my beloved.

Beloved – thank you for showing how Neurodivergent Trauma informs us to Transform us, reconnecting us to our innate Neurodivergent Identity, Culture and Flow; the natural way we love, play, learn, work, live and heal xx