The Artist acknowledges non-binary autistic/neurodivergent humans, identity-first language ["I am autistic", opposed to "I'm a person with autism", reflecting Autism at the core of their identity] that Autism is a Spectrum, a part of neurodivergence and not a disorder. 

The Aussie artist radically loves and respects both their Neurodivergent child's PDA, a Powerfully Determined Autodidactic brain, natural learning style, and non-conformist free-thinking. 

Together, they navigate and master their individualised Neurodivergent Culture focussing on 'Innate Flow', 'Safety' and 'Self Care First', listening to their inexplainable knowledge within. 

Implementing this practice in all areas of their lives has been central in enabling them to find peace, authentic connection and deep fulfilment. 

Despite inaccessible environments and humans that dismiss, misinterpret, and misinformation about their neurology; how they love, learn, work and live. 

In 1997 'A New Life Awaited' FAN.


Bit by bit, with the unwavering, unconditional love, acceptance and help of their parents, following their intuition began reclaiming their Innate Flow without the knowledge they were neurodivergent.

FAN created and developed a highly successful program, upon their book, facilitated with astounding outcomes for young and adult neurodivergent non-binary people and women. They did this by sharing their lived experience, through an intimate dialogue describing their day-to-day living with and healing trauma created co-occurring experiences, such as; OCD [Relationship, Responsibility, Harm, Scrupulosity, Body Dysmorphic and Disordered Eating subtypes], Anxiety, Depression, Self-hate and Regulation Substance Abuse [addiction], and in detail unidentified; PDA, Autism, ADHD and poor sexual health, family violence (including sexual assault), homelessness and unemployment. 

A direct result of the disconnection, loss of their neurodivergent identity and culture.

However, in 2015, despite having a very successful and fulfilling career, FAN decided to devote their lives entirely to their traumatised child, removing them from the institution of Education, becoming a 24/7 Disability Carer providing the highest quality trauma recovery, disability care and learning, working and living environments. Surrounding themselves only with the right humans for their child protecting them from Medical Models of Early Intervention Approaches [i.e. ABA and NDIS].

Such approaches and practices interfere, violate and discriminate their Neurodivergent Identities, Culture and disabilities. 

Their neurodivergent Flow nurtures, respects and protects how they naturally play, express themselves, think and feel, learn and work, preventing them from unnecessary psychological distress and torment they have both lived. 


Before making a decision to entirely devote their life to the ongoing quest of aiding and adapting to their child's learning, as well as finding new ways to support their child's diverse needs, they had a successful career. 

Of course, there were definite loss and major changes which had to take place, to fully commit to this new way of life moving forward. None of which the author felt was more important than being called to step up to the challenge of fulfilling this new role and their real life's purpose.

A time to discover their child's and families Innate Flow - their identities and reclaim their Neurodivergent Culture.

Bravely and courageously saying farewell to all that was familiar, was a painfully laborious process. Requiring shedding, detaching and unpacking societies Predominant Neurotype demands and expectations, all the things from birth that are not of them (not their identity) or from them (not their culture) that blocked their natural flow in all areas of their lives. 

That the author had identified with for most of their life. 

The author beautifully describes this as being the catalyst which provided them with the most insight and clarity into who they truly are, but also the only job or accolade worth succeeding at in this life. 

This included such things as their love of teaching graphic arts, running their own business, hosting and attending many public speaking seminars, local workshops, neurodivergent therapeutic programs and quirky talent and love of appearing in several television commercials. 

ROARHEART™ radically embraces and celebrates neurodivergence.

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