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ROARHEART is a Neurodivergent Inner-Growth Platform created and supported by ROARHEART's Neurodivergent Autistic team.


We are proud of our Neurodivergent Autistic Identity, culture and the way we flow.


We practice radical love and acceptance of our Neurodivergence believing we are all magnificent beyond our imagination no matter where we are in life, however we show up.



We play, laugh, muck around, mimic, day or night, with no time table. Our living is meaningful and joyful.


Pronouns: They, Them

ND: Autistic, PDA'er, ADHD'er, OCD'er & Touretter


My current and most noteworthy and vital role is devoting my life to being my beloved's 24/7 Carer, champion, fellow colleague/student and safe person in their life. My beloved showed me how to know, direct and master our innate Neurodivergent Autistic Flow; the natural way we love, play, learn, work, live and heal. 


I've worked closely with ND people over the past 20+ years. 


I created, what turned out to be, a highly successful inner-growth self-help book and program for young people and adults, based on my lived experiences. 


My booked shared my raw and unedited journals of;

undiagnosed autistic, PDA, ADHD, OCD neurobiology, surviving family violence, destructive regulation (aka addictions), mental illness, eating OCD, poor body image, self-hate, depression, difficult relationships, financial insecurity, unemployment, homelessness and struggles with day–to–day living, finding my own pathway to inner joy.

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Pronouns: He, Him, She, Her, Them, They or It

​ND: Autistic

Finally, the day has come when I am sending you the little story about me for the website. So here it goes;

A Queer kid who grew up in North of India and came to Australia 13 years ago. Like many others, I am so complex to describe myself briefly but I am going to try. As a kid, I was confused yet confident, afraid yet courageous. My mother taught me to never give up so here I am still hanging onto my dear life - to see that yellow brick road of enlightenment, joy and love.


Every day I struggle with my inner demons like many others. My fears stop me as my inner saboteur thinks that I am not good enough, I am never going to succeed etc. But I believe that being vulnerable, being able to talk about every single thing, even the ones I am very ashamed of, will bring us together and we are not at all different from each other. 


I know that I am not alone.


I know that there are so many others who feel the same way like me so if we can heal each other by talking about things that matter then I think it is so worth doing it.


They say if you have faith in a mustard seed, you can move mountains. A little belief goes a long way. I might not be this expressive every day but I am going to keep trying with the little hope and faith I have.


Attraversiamo- Let’s Cross over x


We love rehearsals of conversational, comedic lines, standup, acting, dance and improvised songs

and sounds. 


Pronouns: She, Her

ND: PDA'er, Autistic, ADHD'er, OCD'er

More coming soon!

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Pronouns: Them, They


PDA'er, Autistic, ADHD'er, OCD'er

More info coming soon.